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A new auto fiction book is out and can be found on Amazon and in bookshops across the UK. The characters of this book are fictional, but the poignant story is based on the author’s autobiographical reflections of her lifetime struggles with her own body image.

Angelina Pelova is just over 6’5” tall and has battled throughout her life with other people’s perception of her; her ability to shop for clothes that will fit her tall frame; dating the right size men; fighting off the attention of males who have a weird fetish about tall women; explaining to sports coaches that she is hopeless at sports despite her size; being asked what the weather is like up there and what her shoe size is and, subsequently, coming to terms with her own body.

She says that her book is not just about tall women, but that it could help women who are short, fat, thin or have any other feature that is not regarded as the norm.

Originally from Bulgaria, but now living in Fairford in the Cotswolds, Angelina’s first book is called A Tall Woman of Many Talents. In it, she explains how over the years she has grown her own self-esteem and confidence and hopes that her book might be an inspiration to other women who feel depressed about how they look or a failure at fitting in.

“This is probably the first novel to address tall people’s issues and insecurities and their struggles to fit into a world built around the needs of much shorter people,” explained Angelina.

A lot of people will find something to relate to in this book as it is for anyone who feels different or sidelined by their colleagues, friends and family. Written with a good sense of humour, the book has been likened to the Bridget Jones of tall people and touches on many modern-day issues such as body image, the role of social media, immigration, discrimination in society and the workplace, romance and controlling relationships.

As a modern-day Amazon woman and a tall woman of many talents, Angelina has been a tall blogger for nine years. Not Another Tall Blog focuses on tall people’s issues and offers advice and information on wellbeing, body image strategies, parenting and fashion.

She says: “Unless you have experienced being ridiculed for the way you look or ignored because people are embarrassed by you, you can’t possibly imagine how difficult it is to be accepted.

“You don’t have to be tall to appreciate this novel. Substitute the word ‘tall’ for anything slightly out of what is considered the norm and this book could help anyone who has struggled in any way come to terms with mental health problems, low self-esteem and waning confidence.”

Her first novel was written after gaining confidence from having several of her short stories published. Knowing that she was a good writer that other people appreciated and wanted to read gave her the spur to keep writing.

Another one of Angelina’s many talents is that she is a qualified Reiki therapist and practitioner at a Wiltshire holistic health clinic.

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