Up and coming artist Tim Scrace is set to reveal his latest artwork The Impudence of a Straight Line. The work will go on show at The Vanner Gallery in Salisbury, as part of their Summer Invitation Exhibition, which opens this Friday, 18th August. Scrace’s emotive artwork, a fusion of acrylic, gesso, poetry, projection on reclaimed plywood, is inspired by a deep rooted desire to draw attention environmental issues and to encourage consideration and action.

The Impudence of a Straight Line speaks in hushed tones and subtle brushwork, coaxing viewers into taking a moment to contemplate nature and in pausing the complexities of our day-to-day world. Through delicate yet deliberate strokes, Scrace depicts the beauty of a stretch of the River Avon and contrasts them with a straight line and projection struck across the canvas. Flower pressing a memory with his daughter and preserving it through his own poetry, Scrace ponders the loss of the natural environment, and the resulting legacy for future generations:

“This piece captures a moment earlier this year when I sat with my feet in a river. As I sat, I reflected on how poorly we treat our world and environment. I wondered if it was okay to put my feet in potentially dirty waters. Were they safe? Could my daughter do the same? If not, why not? Why should she lose out on this timeless rite of passage? What kind of world are we leaving for our kids?”

Layers of paint, poetry and projection encourage interaction through shared experience, provoke introspection, and invites dialogue. The straight line, realised in the forming of the river bank, represents mankind’s ongoing desire to make a mark and stamp control on the world.

Scrace notes, The Impudence of a Straight Line is a retrospective on our impact on the river and our environment. Of our society on nature. We insist that everything needs to be straight. I want people to ask, does it need to be?”

Scrace believes in creating art that both raises awareness and acts as a catalyst for change. Forming part of his “Greenwash” series this artwork showcases an evolving environmentally conscious perspective, adding another dimension to a growing body of insightful works. His diverse background in art, architecture, and community engagement puts him in a good place to challenge boundaries and to talk about the environment. An ethos of seeing space differently forms the cornerstone of his practice and is carried across discipline.

The Summer Invitation Exhibition opens at The Vanner Gallery on Friday 18 August. It will feature the work of nineteen invited artists, and include paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, and photography. The exhibition runs until Saturday 16 September. The Vanner Gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm.

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