Charlton Park Estate are pleased to offer a limited number of Soay lamb boxes on pre-order. The small herd of soay sheep are looked after here in the fields surrounding the Charlton Park House and enjoy a free roaming life around the fields of the parkland.

The lambs are late maturing and produce smaller carcasses relative to commercial breeds. The meat from the Soay is lean, tender and low in cholesterol. It has a stronger flavour with a gamey taste when compared to more common sheep breeds.

A limited number of lambs will be available for pre-order, they will be processed locally in Wiltshire. Pre-ordered boxes must collect them from 9am on the 8th of July from the Estate Office.

The boxes will contain a selection of cuts from a whole lamb and will cost £125 each. To pre-order your lamb box visit the Charlton Park Estate website.

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